What is Jimmy Mack Follies?

Jimmy Mack Follies is subtitled ‘A Small, Unreal Universe of Performing Alter Egos Mocking My Arrogance and Showcasing the Gravity of My Grandiosity’, but what exactly is it? I unpack my interdisciplinary avant-garde poetry-play.

Premiere screening of Orcadia: A Fenris and Ragnar Story and Q&A

Premiere screening of Glen Thomson’s documentary film ‘Orcadia: A Fenris and Ragnar Story’ and Q&A. The event accompanied Fenris Wolf & Ragnar Thorfinn’s work in the Scotland Small? exhibition at the Royal Scottish Academy. The event took place at the Hawthornden Lecture Theatre at The Scottish National Gallery/Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh. Thanks and credit to Ross Macdougall for the recording.

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