Red Lite Radio Episode One

Daniel O’Dempsey and James Alexander McKenzie bring you episode one of Red Lite Radio from SAFE HOUSE on the isle of Hoy, Orkney.
Episode one introduces the story of SAFE HOUSE and Red Lite Radio, McKenzie reads the first instalment of ‘Kalashnikovs in Thurso’, O’Dempsey reads his poem ‘Young Man in Tokyo’ and the pair speak about their writing practices and mythologies they’ve been researching during their residency.



McKenzie and Daniel O’Dempsey are the first artists to use Edward Summerton’s SAFE HOUSE.  SAFE HOUSE is a unique artwork in the RSA Collection in that it is a two-person tent which RSA Residencies or Scholarship recipients can use to their own ends during their residency. They will be activating its potential during their residency in Orkney in September and October.

Here’s a link to the RSA blog post about SAFE HOUSE’s first expedition:

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