Experimental Poetry Workshop

On September 24th, James Alexander McKenzie and Daniel O’Dempsey lead an experimental poetry workshop for Piergroup at the Pier Arts Centre. 

Using a rendition of the literary collaging method ‘the cut-up technique’ inspired by William Burroughs and David Bowie and the works of a range of Scottish poets, the workshop generated new poems by cutting and splicing the provided poems. The poets appropriated were Robert Burns, Kevin Williamson, Kirsty Logan, Liz Lochead, Michael Marra, Ian Hamilton Finlay, Carol Ann Duffy and Jackie Kay.

Photo credit to Carol Dunbar of the Pier Arts Centre.

Fenris Wolf and Ragnar Thorfinn Act Two

Experimental artists Daniel O’Dempsey and James Alexander McKenzie are on an artist residency with the Pier Arts Centre in Stromness in association with the Royal Scottish Academy until the end of October. The pair have been based in Orkney since the start of September and are working on a subversive play titled Fenris Wolf and Ragnar Thorfinn which they will be performing for the Orcadian public in three stages during October.

Act 2 of Fenris Wolf and Ragnar Thorfinn will debut at the Stromness Academy as a free public event at 3pm on Saturday 19th October and will showcase existential monologues, collaborative performance, installation and impulsive music.

Poster design by Daniel O’Dempsey.

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