James Alexander McKenzie presents Jimmy Mack the Shapeshifting Jester: an absurdist comedy ‘poetry-play’ in which ‘Jimmy Mack the Jester’ and his motley crew of anti-hero alter egos perform spoken word. The cross-disciplinary work is characterised by wry humour, parody, absurdity, obscenity, self-absorption, metatheatrical devices, a relationship with art, and a relationship with Edinburgh. The ‘poetry-play’ is subtitled, A Series of Strings of Vignettes Presenting a Small Unreal Universe of Performing Alter Egos Mocking My Arrogance and Showcasing the Gravity of My Grandiosity. McKenzie employs costumes and props in his performances, and he has created sculptural collage-paintings that correspond with the different personas and serve as theatrical scenery.

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