‘Sum Poems’ at Volk Gallery, Dundee

Get your pound coins ready! 

My exhibition ‘Sum Poems’ opens on Thursday 1st July at 12:00 at Dundee’s Volk Gallery. Because of Covid etc there will not be an opening but at 12 curator and co-founder’s Luke Greer and Elizabeth Day will be cutting the ribbon to unofficially kick it off. Volk Gallery is a sexy chrome vending machine from which you can get your paws on one of my yellow tape cassettes for a very modest £3! If you have a suitable device, you can then utilise the tape and listen to me read a few of my poems on Side A then muse a collaborative banger with Daniel O’Dempsey on Side B. 

Exhibition continues daily and until the tapes run out 9am-5pm. 

Volk Gallery is at the Keiller Centre, Dundee.


I’m happy with how my performance and installation/mural went during my Soapworks artist-residency a few months ago. There was good junk/found object articles in the space which we were encouraged to use during our residencies which worked well for me.
Stage-like installations which encompass painting, collage and found objects employed
as a backdrop and props for my poetry performances is something I’ve explored a
lot and which I will continue developing.

You can watch my performance from the Soapworks Hidden Door Live episode below.

Live from the Soap Works

I’ll be performing live on YouTube and Facebook as a featured artist for Hidden Door
Live Season 3 Episode 4. The episode will kick off LIVE ACTION at 8pm.

I will be performing a selection of poems live from the Soap Works in Leith to conclude
my mini-residency which begins tomorrow.

I’ll be sure to share the link as soon as I’ve got it. Be sure you tune in if you like the good

I took inspiration from legendary anti-hero Charles Bukowski’s incredible, often hilarious
collection Burning in Water, Drowning in Flame  cover design when designing this image.
Photo credit to Glen Thomson for the picture of me on a brisk day at the
Pentlands at the start of the year.


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