Red Lite Radio Episode Three

Daniel O’Dempsey and James Alexander McKenzie bring you episode three of Red Lite Radio from SAFE HOUSE on Orkney’s isle of Sanday. 

In episode three, McKenzie reads the final installment of Kalashnikovs in Thurso and his new short story A Dream in Sanday, the pair talk about some of their experiences so far in Sanday, they call out Conor McGregor, they promote travelling travellers’ Kim and Del’s travel blog and O’Dempsey reads his diary entry from Hoy a few nights before.

Kim and Del’s travel blog:

A Dream in Sanday

McKenzie had a dream one night when he was asleep in the Orkney isle of Sanday during an island-hopping-research-venture with Dan O’Dempsey: this dream amounted to a short story. Read A Dream in Sanday here.

Photo credit to Daniel O’Dempsey. Location: Hoy, Orkney.

Red Lite Radio Episode Two

Daniel O’Dempsey and James Alexander McKenzie with SAFE HOUSE bring you episode two of Red Lite Radio from inside the Kelp Store on Papa Westray.
In episode two, the pair introduce the Kelp Store and Papa Westray and reveal developments in the play they’ve been working on, McKenzie reads the second instalment of Kalashnikovs in Thurso and discusses the writer Nicola Barker and O’Dempsey nearly forgets his poem but pulls off I Need A Job and talks about what he got up to that day.

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